If you are contemplating either selling your home without representation or buying a home with the guidance of even a real estate agent, be sure to understand your competencies and limitations.


Sellers in for-sale-by-owner transactions must follow all legal guidelines and good business sense to:

  • Properly value their home or property
  • Understand their local real estate market
  • Properly promote and set up marketing for the property
  • Negotiate documents with proper terms and deadlines
  • Arrange for proper management of escrow funds
  • Project manage all inspections
  • Secure or enable the buyers to secure a title company
  • Manage all details related to their move and relocation.


Buyers in FSBO transactions must:

  • Understand the real estate market in their target area
  • Negotiate fair price, terms, and deadlines
  • Sign a contract that is accepted by their mortgage and insurance companies
  • Ensure funds provided for escrow are secure
  • Coordinate all inspections and appraisals in accordance to contract timelines
  • Secure proper insurance coverages as required by their lender
  • Secure title insurance as needed
  • Ensure all documentation needed by their lender is reviewed in time for closing
  • Accept or pick a title company
  • Manage all details related to their move and relocation

A real estate attorney can support many of these critical parts of the process to ensure that your interests are protected and that you have a successful closing. Discovering that you signed away important inspection rights or agreed to pay thousands more than the property is worth can turn a stressful transaction into a nightmare.

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