Your real estate attorney will guide you through one of the biggest transactions of your life, the purchase and/or sale of your home. It is important to choose a lawyer that you trust, communicate well with, and is licensed in the state in which the transaction is taking place.

An option is to interview two to three attorneys to determine the best fit. To find attorneys, you can:

Use your state’s Bar Association

Your state likely has an online directory of licensed real estate attorneys. You can find firms in your local area and also ensure that the attorney you choose has a clean practice record.

Ask friends and family

Referrals are one of the most powerful ways of connecting with reputable professionals. You might feel more comfortable speaking with an attorney who comes with a success story from someone you know and trust.

Read reviews

Many firms have Google Business pages with reviews from past clients. Check for customer feedback. If there are poor reviews, check the firm’s response. You can see our firm’s review by following this link .

Use a review site

There are a variety of sites that compile reviews and practice overviews for attorneys in specific states or metropolitan areas. Make sure you are using an independent review platform and not a pay-for-play advertisement scheme.

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